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Lying, Cheating Harlot
“I have issues.”
“That’s a revelation.”
“No. Seriously. I have issues.”
“All right. I’ll bite. What’s going on?”
“I don’t think I’m ever going to find someone who’ll love me.”
“What? Why're you looking at me like that?”
“You aren’t serious, right?”
“I am glad my pain makes you so incredulous.”
“All right, let me try this again. If you can't find someone who loves you, who am I to you?”
“Don’t answer that. That was rhetorical. I am the girl who spends hours huddled in a corner of a library, trying to find what you love the most about Marlowe, just so I can write you a poem worthy of Shakespeare. I’ve made books my lovers, hours my enemies and you the only story.”
“You do that for-”
“I am the girl who will split her fingers in two and let the ink fall on pages and p
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 529 167
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*Edit: Someone asked if in the journal i asked them to write if they could write their wishlist in it as well. I really don't mind XD it might give the person that gets you an idea as well! so go right ahead*
* Edit: Ill give you your admin's names and numbers in November!*
OKAY So awhile back I asked if people would interested in a secret Santa! hosted by MOI!
So: you may be asking yourself a few things!
Q: How does this work?
A: Tell me you are participating! and for the month of October I will collect people in a jar  to participate in the secret Santa!
Q: How will you assign a person to me?
A: I will give everyone a number. But you will not know your own number. and give you the other admins user name and by that you may draw something for sed admin!
Q: When should the gift be done?
A: By Christmas. December 25th.
Q: Do we have to draw something?
A: no. but I see it difficult for people to ship things to each other unless they swap addresses
:iconask-warren-amarantha:Ask-Warren-Amarantha 63 1,032


Hey there, since I'm on break, I can offer commissions, at this time. I'll likely get them done within a week, and I'll only take 5 at a time.
Saving up for a new tablet since my old one is breaking down which is tragic, so I'd appreciate any help/promotion, etc.

You can message me about it here or on my tumblr account.
  • Playing: starbound and other crazy little games


United States
Favourite genre of music: Not christmas or country songs
Favourite style of art: anime, manga, vector, anything cute
Favourite cartoon character: Link, in the legend of Zelda!


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Kiribbean Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
EXCUSE U I had no idea you had a Deviantart this whole time... inspiration-san-sama-samsung.
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Beep boop, Bunnish the loop
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...All the potatoes are mine Bun >:)
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Oh! So you're the mod of ask the Victory Pokémon? I'm the mod of ask Team Psi (you probably don't know me)


*casually watches you and walks away*

bunnish Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Man I am sorry for the late reply, but yeah, avp mod here ^^; You've got me!
danajayy Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So sorry for being so late with the art trade. I have been busy with school and commissions. X___x; I will try my best to get your commission done before I move back into college!
bunnish Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Oh my lord this was a while ago. You get that trade done at your own pace! And uh... I'll get my part done when I get the chance? It's colored, but taking a while >>;

So much sorry for the wait :(
danajayy Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yours is taking a while too. You can take your time as well since we are both busy people in college. (: Ahaha.
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Thanks for the fav!
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